Angelia Ami

Creative Director

Angelia carries her explosive character in every tissue and every collection; class of 1993, soon proves to have clear ideas: good taste, beauty and fashion are hers.

Experimenting, looking around, and breathing different airs is what made her develop her first collections and gave life to her personal style.

Her hands draw clean lines that contain a deep meaning, full of free creativity, spontaneous but rigorous.

The common thread that unites Angelia Ami’s collections is the inspiration that comes from curiosity, the desire to look out on the world and make it their own through its free interpretation.

The collections are designed for a contemporary woman with a strong personality, who wants to express herself through the clothes she wears. Proposals for outfits whose mix of fabrics is be ableto tell stories from different places and cultures, to give voice to the beauty and evoke a new concept of fashion.